Beulah is a tranquil haven, filled with the sweet aroma of Wings coffee and the warm smell of freshly baked artisan bread. Karen Linde had a dream to run a farm stall in an old building that has been left unused for years. She received Isaiah 62:4 from the Lord and decided to name her future business Beulah. It is now run daily, with the exception of Mondays when she closes the doors to take a day off (the 7th day of rest). The interior is filled with music from worship artists, an atmosphere of peace and love, and the joy of the Lord. A bakery has recently opened in Beulah, featuring Brett and Anli Nortier of Rosemead Artisan, that bakes the most delicious artisan breads and pastries.

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Karen Linde

R27, Yzerfontein, 7441

061 847 3315

079 223 4437