17 April 2023

Yzerfontein Stedelike Bewarea

Yzerfontein Conservancy is an organization of voluntary residents, aiming to play a significant role in the conservation of the urban conservancy and coastal area of Yzerfontein.

We do this through the functions of Protection, Preservation, Management and Promotion of our natural environments and the indigenous ecological communities (Fauna and Flora) of Yzerfontein, under the leadership of a management committee.


06 May 2022

Bewarea/Conservancy – Herfs/Autumn

Yzerfontein Urban Conservancy (Bewarea) is a voluntary non-profit organisation that was established by local residents to preserve and protect the natural environment of Yzerfontein (including the green belts in our nature reserve). Read the latest Autumn edition of the Bewarea/Conservancy.

24 June 2022


Ancient Archaeological Site in Yzerfontein

The West Coast has no shortage of natural wonders, old tales, and unique sites. And Yzerfontein is no exception. You might have glimpsed some of this history yourself. Maybe you have spotted the remains of the of the old whale hunting ship marooned on the rocks of Dassen Island or caught some flamingos wondering across the former salt pans. But did you know that Yzerfontein is the home to a far older and more historic site?

8 Apr 2022


Give Yzerfontein a Break Too

Even though we are a small community with full dams, it doesn’t mean we can take advantage of the resources provided by the bountiful Yzerfontein. Be part of the nature conservation of our beloved town. There are loads of ways you can help keep Yzer green and clean: use the water judiciously; stop pollution (throw away your trash); and say no to plastic bags & recycle. Read more about how you can help wit nature conservation.


14 April 2022

How to Spend Easter in Yzer

It is Easter and there are loads of fun things to do this weekend. Whether you’re with your family, romantic partner or friends, you can look forward to live music performances, art exhibitions and delicious Sunday lunches. Here’s what you can get up to this weekend. 



25 Mar 2022

10 Outdoor Activities to do in Yzerfontein

Snuggled between coastal waters, walking trails and stunning farms, Yzerfontein is the perfect destination to explore the beauty of the outdoors. Whether you are visiting for a camping trip, weekend or mini-holiday, there are loads of outdoor activities for you to enjoy, no matter the season. From horse riding and kite surfing to educational tours and mussel picking, discover new adventures for the whole family.


25 Feb 2022

How to Live the Yzerfontein Lifestyle

The West Coast is filled with exciting activities around every corner. This beautiful streak in our beloved country is dominated by beaches, undisturbed fynbos and adventures for all age groups. Yzerfontein, the pearl of the West Coast, is a one hour drive from Cape Town and has some incredible experiences on offer.

Whether you want a weekend getaway with your family, friends, pets or a significant other, we have created the ultimate Yzerfontein living-list (instead of a bucket-list) to ensure that you get the most out of this little gem.


04 October 2021

More than just a quail farm

Shortly after you turn off the R27 toward the little seaside town of Yzerfontein, you pass a farm gate on your right. It isn’t very eye-catching, and you would easily drive past it not having a single clue about all the exciting goings on at the Hoekkraaltjie farm. For starters, Hoekkraaltjie is the largest farm-raised quail meat producer in South Africa, providing restaurants, hotels, chef schools and private customers around the country with high quality quail meat.


14 July 2021

!Khwa ttu’s true San-hospitality by Hoekkraaltjie

Definitely a combination of spectacular views, true San-hospitality, fantastic food experiences, local conversation and wine. We were part of a select Yzerfontein few, to experience a VIP BAB (Bring and Braai) experience at !Khwa ttu. What an evening… We kicked off with a tractor ride up the slope to the Private Boma. Our San Guide, Matios Sibongo, took us along the perfectly planned route for closeup encounters with Zebra and Eland…


15 June 2021

Daar is baie om te doen vir kinders in Yzerfontein!

Om in Yzerfontein te kuier met kinders is net ‘n plesier! Onthou om ‘n paar gemaklike tekkies vir elkeen in te pak, langbroeke vir die perderitte en ook die gesin se Sasol Voëlgids. Fietse kom saam en so ook die familie gunstelinge, Max en Sam. Yzerfontein is ‘n kort rit uit Kaapstad en teen die tyd dat die padkos vir die jongspan op is, het julle reeds gearriveer. Oppad na julle gasteverblyf, stop vinnig by die plaaslike SPAR…


4 June 2021

An Intimate Beach Wedding At The Beach House Collection

Wynand and Rouxmia met at 5 years old in pre-school. Of course, at that time they did not care about anything but toys! But she remembers him with his red and white striped tassie and his white-blonde hair. If only she knew he would be the love of her life at that age! They were in the same class all through primary school, but their paths parted in high school. They reunited with a pizza date in 2016…


1 June 2021

Where to stay in Yzerfontein?

Located an hour’s drive north of Cape Town, Yzerfontein is a tranquil sea-side West Coast village providing memorable, relaxed escapes for families, romantics, groups and individuals amidst beautiful, natural outdoors and vast stretches of beach. Sometimes spelt ‘Ysterfontein’, Yzerfontein – or ‘iron fountain’ in Afrikaans, as a town started out when a farm of the same name was bought by the Katz-family in the 1930s.


21 May 2021

!Khwa ttu Tours

Tea Tasting – the veld pharmacy, Cost: R160, Duration: 45 minutes. San and other indigenous people have always understood the plants around them were so much more than simply pretty flowers or a tasty snack.12,000 years ago we were all hunter-gatherers. Re-discover some of the powerful knowledge you have lost – what to use to win a wife, or heal a wound, or keep you alive on the long journey ahead.


8 May 2021

Groote Post Sauvignon Blanc Day

Groote Post wine farm is a family run vineyard located on the Cape’s west coast. Here they utilize the cool near-coastal conditions of the darling hills to produce unique wine, grounded in traditional methods. Both the process and final results are a testimony to the character of the west coast. While there is a variety of wines to indulge in, the past weekend the spotlight was put on the Sauvignon Blanc…