What's it all about? Voorkamerfest is made up of wheels and cogs turning together to make it work as follows: visitors buy a ticket for a route – seven routes in total - and during this unforgettable journey between three different homes in Darling, three varied performances are show cased - twenty one performances altogether.

The element of surprise is that the audiences never know who they will see performing until they arrive at each 'voorkamer'. The owners of the houses, which range from small township abodes to some of Darling’s grand Cape Dutch homes, play host and a truly South African cultural experience awaits all, with an exciting mix of theatre genres catering to all tastes. To add to the flavour of the fest, local taxi companies are employed for the weekend to transport everyone to the various destinations throughout Darling.

The acts, performed in local Darling resident's living rooms, include a variety of dance, musical and drama genres, comedy, storytelling and magic - once again feeding the curiosity of those audience members who might not get the chance to attend a performance of any of the selected genres being show cased.

Come and experience this wonderfully surprising event on every level possible!

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