Tea Tasting – the veld pharmacy :Cost: R160Duration: 45 minutes

San and other indigenous people have always understood the plants around them were so much more than simply pretty flowers or a tasty snack.12,000 years ago we were all hunter-gatherers. Re-discover some of the powerful knowledge you have lost – what to use to win a wife, or heal a wound, or keep you alive on the long journey ahead. If lucky, you may also meet our chickens and hear one of their stories in |Xung.

First People – food from our forefathers: Cost: R160, Duration: 45 minutes

Walk with us into the past. Let us introduce you to our shared story of human origins in South Africa. Hear what archaeologists can tell us about our ancestors who lived in this region for 200,000 years and let us show you how we have kept this knowledge alive. Use the tools, hear the knowledge and try the food that made life possible.

Encounters – when cultures collide: Cost: R160, Duration: 45 minutes

Our ancestors lived here alone, hunting and gathering for thousands of years. Others started to arrive around 2,000 years ago. Europeans arrived in the Cape of Good Hope 350 years ago. Life as we had known it for centuries, changed irrevocably. The repercussions of these cultural collisions, still reverberate today. But this is not just a simple tale of winners and losers. The fascinating stories and recollections from this time may change your perspective in surprising ways.

Way of the San – spirit, hunting and gathering: Cost: R160, Duration: 45 minutes

12,000 years ago we were all hunter gatherers. We knew that we, the land, the plants, the animals and the elements were all connected. We understood not only how to live, but how to live well in the world. Join this tour and discover that the more you know, the less you need.

Tracking – reading the signs: Cost: R160, Duration: 45 minutes

Join this tour and realise that to catch your supper you need so much more than an understanding of how to read the tracks in the sand. Your San guide will teach you a little of the information that can be read in the bushes, beside the water hole and in the wind.But don’t worry, this ancient knowledge will be blended with a new world ride on !Khwa ttu’s famous, green tractor.

Self guided museum tour: Cost: R80,

There is such a richness and depth of content in our three museum buildings that you could spend many hours engaging with our exhibitions. We invite you to do this at your leisure. Simply buy your entrance ticket and collect your self guide map at Reception

For Bookings contact Khwa ttu on bookings@khwattu.org / 022 492 2998