Karen Schräder

Owner & Founder

Our Story

Moving to Yzerfontein was a turning point in the life of me and my husband, Izak, in 2012 as we started a new part of our life together after both losing our spouses to cancer. We got married after 3 months of knowing one another and chose at the time a very slow Yzerfontein as our new home – fulfilling my wish to own a guest apartment on the West Coast and my husband’s dream to stay in Yzerfontein. Marketing Kariza, our apartment, as a cute and cozy getaway destination for 2 was the first step of a quickly expanding business.

Yzerfontein Accommodation was founded formally in 2016 and is a family owned business built on openness, consistency, and loyalty. We cultivate personal, intimate relationships with the locals to personalize your experience when offering holiday accommodation and getaway packages at a wide range of quality properties in all price ranges.

Our passion in not only sharing the beautiful town of Yzerfontein with our guests but also empowering locals by creating jobs and skills development in Yzerfontein. Success for us is to be part of a big drive to open the West Coast to national and international tourism by creating a unique experience which only the West Coast can provide!